Gift Baskets Central Shipping Policy

Gift Baskets Central is proud to offer flat rate shipping on all of our products. Currently these are the delivery options and costs: 
Gift Basket Subtotals (In $) Economy (5-8 days) Standard (3-4 days) Express (1-2 days)
29.00 to 38.99 Free 24.95 27.95
39.00 to 48.99 Free 31.95 36.95
49.00 to 58.99 Free 34.95 38.95
59.00 to 68.99 Free 38.95 44.95
69.00 to 78.99 Free 41.95 46.95
79.00 to 88.99 Free 46.95 48.95
89.00  to 119.99 Free 48.95 51.95
120 to 149.99 Free 64.95 66.95
150.00 and up Free 68.95 72.95

Our products are all shipped through UPS.  Available shipping time frames and cost options vary by product.  Once you add a product into your cart and enter the recipient information all of the available options will be displayed for you. 

Not all services are available for all products.  Delivery location, product type, product weight, and seasonality all contribute to the available delivery options presented.  

We are unable to guarantee precise delivery dates or times, but the gift will be received within the date range selected.  

We work hard to maintain a reliable network of vendors and shipping partners but sometimes delivery issues cannot be avoided. We want you to know that Gift Baskets Central stands behind our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the product or the delivery occurs outside of the agreed window, please contact us.

If we are notified that your selected delivery date window cannot or will not be met, we will contact you as soon as possible to inform you of the situation. We will then attempt to deliver your order as soon as possible unless you promptly let us know that you would like to cancel your order instead. 

If it is 24 hours outside of your delivery date window and you do not receive a delivery confirmation email, please let us know so that we can follow up on your order.

We will issue you a full refund upon your request or agree on some other resolution to your delivery issue that is satisfactory to you, unless we can establish that your order was received by your selected delivery date time frame, or the order was untimely due to some fault of you or the recipient of the order (for example, an incorrect delivery address was provided, there was no one at the delivery address to accept the order, or the person at the delivery address refused delivery).

How fast can a Gift Basket be shipped?

Gift Baskets Central offers a variety of gifts to send to family and friends. Each of the gift baskets offers different shipping options from as soon as 1-2 days up 5-8 days from today. Often most gift baskets cannot be delivered on Sunday and Monday. When you check-out with the specific gift basket you are going to send the delivery options available to that product will be offered to you. 

How do the Chocolate Gifts not melt in delivery?

All of our cold gift baskets or chocolate covered gift baskets are delivered with a cooler pack, inside a cooler bag. We recommend that the recipient brings the gift inside once it is delivered, but during shipping the product is protected with the cooler bag. 

May through October all chocolates are substituted out of all gift baskets unless the package is shipped 1-2 Day(Express). Chocolates are substituted with hard candy items such as butterscotch, peppermint candies, licorice, sourballs, and lemon drops.  These candies are typically 6 to 10 pieces per box. 

What if I have an Issue with the Delivery?

Please reach out to our customer service team, we work to ensure that your experience with Gift Baskets Central is ideal. We are happy to help troubleshoot issues as they arise.

What if I gave the wrong address?

Email our customer service team at and we will do our best to assist you in updating the delivery address.